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houstonians for bernie sanders houston tx meetup - bernie sanders has shown over the years that he can win elections and is a viable candidate we believe that senator bernie sanders should run in the democratic primary not as an independent so that he will have the best chance of winning the presidential nomination, bernie sanders volunteer texas home - bernie speaks for millions of people contact your local texas headquarters volunteer today but do not call the director unless you are offering to work at least half time since they are overwhelmed with calls, sanders shifts to bigger houston venue bernie sanders - burlington vt with turnout projections mounting u s sen bernie sanders campaign has shifted the location of sunday s town meeting in houston texas to the hofheinz pavilion admission is free and open to the public and is first come first served those who wish to attend this event, bernie sanders discussed daca houston congressional - bernie sanders discussed daca houston congressional candidate laura moser and 2020 at sxsw the senator earned applause from the audience on gun control and the role of the dccc by, bernie sanders 2016 houston houston texas political - posts about bernie sanders 2016 houston walter west ii shared conservative post s video listening to give it to me baby at bernie sanders 2016 houston may 19 2016 houston tx i worked at a phone bank canvasing for bernie sanders it was a lot of fun and i got to speak to a lot of interesting people on the telephone, houston for bernie houston4sanders twitter - the latest tweets from houston for bernie houston4sanders i am not bernie sanders i am toby trying to promote mr sanders around houston get his name out as it were houston tx