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advice and information about 19th century guitars - electric guitars in particular have the same low action as early romantic guitars steel string acoustic and electric guitars share the skinny neck of the 19th century guitar steel string acoustic and electric guitars outsell all categories of classical guitars probably by more than 100 to 1, early romantic guitar and 18th century mandora 5 pieces - the mandora belongs to both the lute and guitar worlds a genuine crossover instrument existing in 18th and 19th century forms, guitar heroes test 3 flashcards quizlet - guitar couldn t compete with orchestra and new tonal explorations like on piano or violin was one of the reasons for decline 19th century is time of great change and tonal exploration orchestra grew and piano got iron frame violins moved to metal strings overall aesthetic was changing attitudes toward guitar, the romantic era flamenco spanish nationalism isaac - nineteenth century spanish art composers such as isaac albeniz and enrique granados appropriated the flamenco sound and used it as the basis for spanish nationalism ironically the spanish romani also known as gypsies were social outcasts but managed to invent the music viewed as the essence of spanish culture, early romantic 19th century guitars - arthur robb restoration this guitar is probably french and was made in the early half of the nineteenth century note that the fingerboard does not go over the soundboard advice and information about 19th century guitars builders of the 19th century, guitar heroes test 2 flashcards quizlet - guitar heroes test 2 the first half of the 18th century is not considered the finest era of guitar playing the giant composers of the period such as bach handel and rameau represent the musical greatness of the time but show no apparent interest on the guitar