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john james audubon wikipedia - john james audubon born jean rabin april 26 1785 january 27 1851 was an american ornithologist naturalist and painter he was notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of american birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats, amazon com john james audubon the making of an american - john james audubon came to america as a dapper eighteen year old eager to make his fortune he had a talent for drawing and an interest in birds and he would spend the next thirty five years traveling to the remotest regions of his new country often alone and on foot to render his avian subjects on paper, john james audubon s journal of 1826 the voyage to the - john james audubon 1785 1851 is one of america s premier wildlife artists his collection of 435 life sized prints the birds of america is often considered the greatest picture book ever produced daniel patterson is a professor of english at central michigan university he is the editor of the missouri river journals of john james audubon nebraska 2016 and early american nature, american sparrow hawk john james audubon s birds of america - a 320 000 donation match expires soon a 80 000 donation match expires soon audubon is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting birds and the places they need we rely on our members for support you can help us by making a donation today, john james audubon 1785 1851 darvill s rare prints - john james audubon 1785 1851 audubon was born in haiti the illegitimate son of a successful merchant planter and slave dealer he was taken to france at the age of four and educated among the well to do, american golden plover audubon field guide - conservation status huge numbers were shot in late 19th century and population apparently has never recovered to historic levels may be limited now by loss of habitat on south american wintering range