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puerto ricans in the united states wikipedia - puerto ricans have been migrating to the united states since the 19th century and migrating since 1898 after the island territory was transferred from spain to the united states and have a long history of collective social advocacy for their political and social rights and preserving their cultural heritage in new york city which has the largest concentration of puerto ricans in the united, el boricua a bilingual cultural publication for puerto - hundreds of rescued dogs and cats are being flown in from puerto rico to mainland shelters for adoption the island has more than 300 000 street dogs plus cats and shelters with a 92 percent kill rate the highest of any state or territory in the u s according to the humane society, midterms displaced puerto ricans courted in swing state - midterms puerto ricans displaced by hurricane maria may prove pivotal in florida elections as midterms approach candidates and national political parties are courting puerto ricans in florida, the federal income taxes puerto ricans pay puerto rico - unequal treatment of puerto rico under federal law has frequently been justified on the grounds that puerto ricans do not pay federal income tax on puerto rican based income, are puerto ricans really american citizens the conversation - over the years puerto ricans have in fact been granted three different types of u s citizenship but questions about their rights and equal treatment as citizens still remain, nearly half of americans don t know puerto ricans are - but when a random sample of participants was informed that puerto ricans were u s citizens before answering this question support for aid increased four percentage points to 68 percent, puerto rican migration in the 1950s lehman college - puerto rican migration was facilitated after 1917 by the granting of us citizenship to all the residents of the island which had been acquired from spain in the war of 1898, puerto rico s culture famous puerto ricans k q - moreno rita 1931 actress was born on december 11 1931 in humacao this puerto rican actress has secured a distinct place in movies notably because of her role in robert wise s 1961 film west side story about puerto ricans in new york which brought her fame and an oscar as best supporting actress she also appeared in such hits as singin in the rain 1956 and tennessee william s, 8 atrocities committed against puerto rico by the us - puerto rico is an unincorporated territory of the united states located in the caribbean sea it is a small island with a population of almost four million citizens on july 25 1898 during the spanish american war united states invaded puerto rico and commenced a long relationship between the two, history of puerto rico 1900 1949 - puerto rico s history 1900 1949 1900 the island was surrendered to the united states military authority on april 2 the foraker law officially the organic act of 1900 is approved establishing civil government and free commerce between the island and united states the law was introduced into congress by senator joseph b foraker, skilled workers are leaving puerto rico in droves the - the skilled worker exodus puerto ricans are leaving their storm ravaged island in search of work and companies are recruiting them, puerto rico trouble on welfare island economist com - puerto rico has been a united states territory for more than a century and its people have been citizens since 1917 they do not vote in national elections or pay federal income taxes but those, is puerto rico part of the u s time - as puerto rico deals with the aftermath of hurricane maria which has left millions without power some are wondering is puerto rico part of the u s puerto rico an island in the caribbean sea, granting puerto rico statehood could make it a purple - puerto rico could be the next purple state gov rossello more than 3 6 million americans in puerto rico observe all u s laws but lack full representation in congress or the right to vote for, forced sterilization in puerto rico family planning - population control has been a driving force in us policy for well over a century as i described in my previous post one of the more egregious examples of population control is the history of forced sterilization in puerto rico spain ceded the island of puerto rico to the united states in 1898, puerto rico history britannica com - puerto rico history the following discussion focuses on puerto rican history from the time of european settlement for treatment of the island in its regional context see latin america history of and west indies history of the first inhabitants of puerto rico were hunter gatherers who reached the island more than 1 000 years before the arrival of the spanish, promesa the puerto rican debt crisis and its restructuring - to download a pdf version of this article click here on june 9 the house of representatives passed a piece of legislation called the puerto rico oversight management and economic stability act promesa a bill focused on addressing puerto rico s debt repayment of 2 billion usd due on, puerto rico photos aftermath of hurricane maria time - a land they no longer recognize desperation and resilience in hurricane battered puerto rico wilmair flores 55 poses on a bed at her house in barranquitas on oct 2, hurricane maria anniversary puerto rico s slow recovery - us territory puerto rico was hit by hurricane maria one year ago since then the island has dealt with slow recovery efforts and damage cleanup power outages rising death toll numbers roofless, for trump white house belittling puerto rico might be - in interviews puerto rican voters spoke of passive disdain that some puerto ricans from the island have for mainland nuyoricans the sometimes pejorative term for assimilated new york, moving to puerto rico - moving to puerto rico whether it is for school work or for any other reason moving to puerto rico requires a lot of coordination before purchasing a one way ticket to the island there is a lot that you need to know before you arrive