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puerto ricans in the united states wikipedia - puerto ricans have been migrating to the united states since the 19th century and migrating since 1898 after it was transferred from spain to the united states and have a long history of collective social advocacy for their political and social rights and preserving their cultural heritage in new york city which has the largest concentration of puerto ricans in the united states they, the puerto ricans are coming the washington post - in the wake of hurricane maria a vast internal migration of u s citizens is likely in the months ahead as tens of thousands of puerto ricans possibly 1 million or more over time choose to, exodus from puerto rico grows as island struggles to - even before maria strafed the region a record number of puerto ricans were realizing that the declining island might be where their heart is but cannot be where their feet stay, el boricua a bilingual cultural publication for puerto - hundreds of rescued dogs and cats are being flown in from puerto rico to mainland shelters for adoption the island has more than 300 000 street dogs plus cats and shelters with a 92 percent kill rate the highest of any state or territory in the u s according to the humane society, puerto rican americans history modern era early - significant immigration waves although puerto ricans began migrating to the united states almost immediately after the island became a u s protectorate the scope of early migration was limited because of the severe poverty of average puerto ricans, are puerto ricans american citizens national news us news - are puerto ricans american citizens puerto ricans have been granted three different types of u s citizenship over the years but questions remain about their rights and equal treatment as citizens, nearly half of americans don t know puerto ricans are - a new poll suggests many americans don t realize that what happened in puerto rico is a domestic disaster not a foreign one, exodus from puerto rico a visual guide cnn - hurricane maria sent thousands fleeing devastation in puerto rico federal data obtained by cnn suggest migrants have moved to every us state even alaska, are puerto ricans really american citizens the conversation - over the years puerto ricans have in fact been granted three different types of u s citizenship but questions about their rights and equal treatment as citizens still remain, contractors are leaving puerto rico where many still lack - san juan p r though hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans remain in the dark five months after a devastating hurricane trampled the island s power grid the federal government has begun, uncertainty for displaced puerto ricans yahoo com - it s a time of great uncertainty for puerto ricans displaced by hurricane maria last fall and living in temporary fema provided housing in new york city, new mass exodus of puerto ricans to the us el nuevo d a - the second city with the largest puerto rican population is orlando florida the third is hartford the capital of connecticut 113 050 puerto ricans live in this area, how the u s ignored puerto rico after hurricane maria time - puerto rico lost power and san juan was underwater after hurricane maria the destruction went nearly ignored on the u s mainland, puerto rico s culture famous puerto ricans k q - llorens torres luis 1876 1944 poet journalist playwright and politician was born on may 14 1876 in juana d az he is the best known of puerto rican poets for his beautiaful and romantic work, puerto rico proposes hundreds of school closures with - puerto rico s governor has proposed closing more than a quarter of its public schools as the island struggles to recover from the devastation of hurricane maria, the ones they left behind a puerto rican family still - one morning last september jeancarlo and jan miguel ruiz n ez stepped out of their home and found their neighborhood on the outskirts of the small mountain town of lares puerto rico wrecked, puerto rico culture food and drinks - food and drinks although puerto rican cooking is often compared to spanish cuban and mexican cuisine it is a unique tasty blend of spanish african ta no and american influences using such indigenous seasonings and ingredients as coriander papaya cacao nispero apio plantains and yampee, puerto rico after hurricane maria startling pictures and - puerto ricans need food electricity and access to clean water they also need a president who cares say people across the island who disagree with the president s assessment that the island is