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full moon and new moon dates and times 2009 2017 - 2016 march 9 total eclipse of the sun chart uk includes animations for local circumstances 2016 march 9 total eclipse of the sun chart nasa, g bekli tepe s vulture stone a warning across time or - putting into perspective the carved imagery on g bekli tepe s pillar 43 in enclosure d by andrew collins a new theory claims that g bekli tepe s vulture stone pillar 43 is a snapshot of the sky in 10 950 bc showing the date and time of a comet impact it interprets the stone s prominent carving of a vulture as the constellation sagittarius something championed by graham hancock in, knight of the brazen serpent internet sacred text - studied arcturus and the rainy hyades and the twin triones and orion cinctured with gold taurus was the prince and leader of the celestial host for more than two thousand years and when his head set with the sun about the last of may the scorpion was seen to rise in the south east, review of the cygnus key by andrew collins part 1 - the constellational birds eagle and raven are stellar reduplications of the tempest the akkadian divine storm bird lugal tudda the lusty king called by the semitic babylonians zu a word meaning both stormy wind and a kind of vulture, knight of the sun or prince adept - the first line of figures gives the regular series from 1 to 10 the second reproduces this line doubly first ascending from the first figure of 18 and then returning from the second figure of 81