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libertarianism definition doctrines history facts - libertarianism political philosophy that takes individual liberty to be the primary political value it may be understood as a form of liberalism the political philosophy associated with the english philosophers john locke and john stuart mill the scottish economist adam smith and the american statesman thomas jefferson liberalism seeks to define and justify the legitimate powers of, jean jacques rousseau wikipedia - jean jacques rousseau uk r u s o us r u s o french ak u so 28 june 1712 2 july 1778 was a genevan philosopher writer and composer his political philosophy influenced the progress of the enlightenment throughout europe as well as aspects of the french revolution and the development of modern political economic and educational thought, overview of political theory oxford handbooks - this introductory article explains the theme of this book which is about political theory it evaluates the impact of literature that proved especially influential in framing debate through the last decades of the twentieth century and opening years of the twenty first and examines the historical work on political thought it describes the combination of concerns that runs through the work of