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list of works based on arthurian legends wikipedia - external links rodney parish s arthurian comics list rodney parrish camelot in four colors a survey of the arthurian legend in comics alan stewart camelot 3000 and beyond an annotated listing of arthurian comic books published in the united states c 1980 1998 revised edition may 2000 michael torregrossa part of the arthuriana camelot project bibliographies, matter of britain wikipedia - the matter of britain is the body of medieval literature and legendary material associated with great britain and sometimes brittany and the legendary kings and heroes associated with it particularly king arthur it was one of the three great story cycles recalled repeatedly in medieval literature together with the matter of france which concerned the legends of charlemagne and the matter, four arthurian romances by chretien detroyes - the project gutenberg ebook of four arthurian romances by chretien detroyes this ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever, king arthur myth tv tropes - the most important pre modern arthurian works include historia brittonum or history of the britons traditionally ascribed to the welsh writer nennius in the 9th century although it may be much older while not a story per se it contains the oldest written record of arthur and lists the twelve battles he fought against the invading english, hot topics science fiction and fantasy hoagies kids - science fiction and fantasy favorites for young readers through young adults these are the books our kids love to read and serieses they love to follow, the winter king warlord chronicles series 1 by bernard - see the books that enlightened surprised and moved us last year