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the fourth word my god my god why have you abandoned - so called god s tear from the passion of the christ reflection as jesus was dying on the cross he echoed the beginning of psalm 22 which reads my god my god why have you abandoned me, why do people hate jews kabbalah info - why are jews hated by so many people why are so many people anti semitic how and why did anti semitism start is there a solution to anti semitism, can a scientist believe in the resurrection three - jump to comments i m a professor of nuclear science and engineering at mit and i believe that jesus was raised from the dead so do dozens of my colleagues, pre millennial and post millennial doctrines do not mix - pre millennial and post millennial doctrines do not mix by sandy simpson 7 13 07, lights of guidance second part baha i library - page 411 xxxii music 1360 music is a ladder by which souls may ascend we have made it lawful for you to listen to music and singing take heed however lest listening thereto should cause you to overstep the bounds of propriety and dignity, jesus myth the case against historical christ - jesus myth the case against historical christ by january 03 2007 the majority of people in the world today assume or believe that jesus christ was at the very least a real person, why did jesus die creation com - why did jesus die the sacrificial system and creation by roger birch published 6 april 2010 gmt 10 in my article an evangelical litmus test i talked about the watering down of the term evangelical the litmus test i suggested as a mark of a true evangelical was an acceptance of a straight reading of genesis 1 11 since an attack on genesis 1 11 is basically an, why do so many pastors leave the ministry the facts will - these are shocking and sad statistics and a lot of them fit my experience as an ex pastor myself would you have the citations sources of these statistics, most popular and unpopular frequently asked questions - most popular and unpopular frequently asked questions answered frankly and honestly from the center for biblical theology and eschatology, are you taught another yahusha like jesus - are you taught another yahusha name like jesus why was the sacred true name removed from the scriptures about 7000 times in the old testament and about 1000 times in the new testament the restoration has started are you ready you can join in or be left out now only towards the end it is being restored, important catholic dogma you must believe to be saved - important christian dogma you must believe to be saved pope eugene iv council of florence the athanasian creed sess 8 nov 22 1439 ex cathedra whoever wishes to be saved needs above all to hold the catholic faith unless each one preserves this whole and inviolate he will without a doubt perish in eternity decrees of the ecumenical councils vol 1 pp 550 553 denzinger 39, 16 the sabbath controversy in the gospels bible org - bob deffinbaugh robert l bob deffinbaugh graduated from dallas theological seminary with his th m in 1971 bob is a pastor teacher and elder at community bible chapel in richardson texas and has contributed many of his bible study series for use by the foundation, toward a baptist ecclesiology a theological exercise - the idea of church is misunderstood by most abused by some and usually somewhat imbalanced by the rest what we believe and confess about theology proper as well as other doctrines informs and shapes our ecclesiology not merely in theory but, matthew 25 jesus will send right wing pseudo christians to - introduction in matthew 25 31 46 jesus proclaims that how you treat the hungry the thirsty the sick and other least of these is how you treat jesus himself, do you hear what i hear sermon by jeff strite isaiah 7 1 - why would anyone reject the promise of the christ child being born of a virgin well many do why do they do that and why is it important that we not only believe this promise but understand it, foundations free online bible classes biblical training - the foundations program is appropriate for all followers of jesus it does not assume you know anything about the bible and will teach you basic bible content and beliefs, in a blog s stead february 2004 praxeology - why jesus is not god was jesus god incarnate there s a popular argument floating around the web these days that purports to prove that he must have been an argument that unfortunately seems to have originated with c s lewis a theologian for whose philosophical abilities i ordinarily have a great deal of respect, attributes of god jesus and holy spirit does god hate - god the father s attributes jesus christ the son s attributes holy spirit s attributes love mercy grace holiness faithfulness omniscience omnipresence, c dennis mckinsey encyclopedia of biblical errancy refuted - answering bible contradictions misunderstandings and misinterpretations 3 reference to the idea that jesus never existed see above there is no reason to resort to the theory that jesus was crucified on a wednesday a theory which mckinsey devotes a great deal of space to discussing, jesus is lord com jesus christ is the only way to god - jesus christ did not come to condemn you jesus came to save you from your sins hear ye the word of the lord before it is everlasting too late hell is real, what jehovah s witnesses believe learntheology com - learn and apply theology to your life theology is really just what you believe and strongly influences how you live your life, new apostolic reformation deception in the church - the use of invective in apologetics by sandy simpson this dvd is a message based on this article this article is about the use of invective while attempting to do apologetics or teaching discernment, jehovah s witnesses wikipedia - jehovah s witnesses is a millenarian restorationist christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream christianity the group reports a worldwide membership of approximately 8 58 million adherents involved in evangelism and an annual memorial attendance of over 20 million jehovah s witnesses are directed by the governing body of jehovah s witnesses a group of elders, homosexuality from several viewpoints faith facts - homosexuality from several viewpoints there are several aspects to the cultural debate surrounding homosexual behavior in this article we will summarize the key considerations, why preterism is not an accurate interpretation of bible - why preterism is not an accurate interpretation of bible prophecy as with any theological position there are those who are looked to as being more knowledgeable in this area, historian did hitler have reason to hate the jews - 448 comments admin july 5 2009 12 30 pm dear real zionist news family all readers from brother nathanael i wish to be perfectly frank with you all first of all these articles including this one for sure requires hours upon hours of research texting formating photo hunting picture foto shopping etc, background on colossians bible org - j hampton keathley iii j hampton keathley iii th m was a 1966 graduate of dallas theological seminary and a former pastor of 28 years in august of 2001 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and on august 29th 2002 he went home to be with the lord, celebrating a new evangelical religion atheism - celebrating a new evangelical religion atheism cpds home contact the emergence and advantages of responsible liberty a confident secularist society philosophy and religion the case for a bigger picture view religious education the need for a bigger picture view contributions to western civilization what should anyone actually try to prove about god, pope francis 13 rotten fruits from the bad tree - 3 pope francis claimed that lost souls do not go to hell saying there is no hell and there is no punishment but the annihilation of that soul all the others will participate in the beatitude of living in the presence of the father, why the heavens hold back the rain let us reason - why the heavens hold back the rain deut 32 1 5 give ear o heavens and i will speak and hear o earth the words of my mouth let my teaching drop as the rain my speech distill as the dew as raindrops on the tender herb and as showers on the grass, an atheist s view of the christian right wing - the idea that god has blessed america is integral to christian nationalists religious and political ideology this concept of a blessing isn t about god generally blessing humanity but is instead the assertion of a special relationship between god and america a relationship not unlike the one described in the old testament between god and israel, the crucifixion facade vexen co uk - the death of jesus is a copy of pagan stories is contradicted by historical evidence and makes no logical sense on vexen crabtree s bane of monotheism website, bible teaching about christian counseling and why it is - why christian counseling is necessary the bible s teaching on why christian counseling is important yields critical insight on what christian counseling is faced with, in today s catholic world tcw true catholic news - news for the church in eclipse uncompromising catholic militancy you must fight energetically since you know very well what great wounds the undefiled spouse of christ jesus, christ in us christ as us christ through us - biblical and theological study of christ in you a study of the subjective indwelling of christ in the christian individual